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Impulse buyers, unite!

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Impulse buyers, unite!

Well, I did it.... went to the New York Baker's website and bought fresh compressed yeast


I've always wanted to try it, it's impossible to find where I live. Now, of course, I will have more yeast than I can dream of using  during the 2 months it's supposed to last


can I use it in ANY recipe that calls for yeast?  and is it really going to lose much of its power after 60 days? 



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Way back before I was married, Gerry,  my husband to be came in with 1/2  pound fresh yeast and said could you make Hot Cross buns for me. And that was the start of it.

 I have been baking with yeast fresh and direct yeast ever since, we have been married 53 years come March 2010, ;-)))))

 Made 5 home milled whole wheat  loaves today. ;-)    qahtan

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I'm in the process of loading my cart right now. I also added a pound of fresh yeast, and was wondering how long it would last. More in the since of how many loaves of bread it could bake.

If, as King Arthur claims, a pound of SAF instant yeast makes about 96 loaves of bread, all things being equal, how many will the fresh make? I think it's like a 3 to 1 ratio, so I guess about 30 with the fresh?

I guess I'll just have to find out.

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According to everything I've been reading, it's use 3x the amount of Instant Yeast in any recipe. It seems to be the ratio everyone states online. I've actually used fresh yeast only once, in my Panettone re-do last weekend. It's actually readily available in any supermarket in Germany- but I always forget that I've bought it and it goes bad before I can use it. But I know I can get it any time, though.

Oddly enough, I know absolutely no one that bakes at home here, so I'm scratching my head, wondering who is baking with all the fresh yeast and liquid sourdough starters and pre-mixed hearty-rye-bread flour mixes. Weird.

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Thanks for the info...


indeed, while I lived in France I never met a single person who would make bread - of course, why would they?  With the best possible bread available at every corner!

but, the truth is, if I was to live there again, I would take my starters with me and go on baking at home - once you are bitten by the bread bug, there is no turning back...