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Impulse buyers, unite!

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Impulse buyers, unite!

Well, I did it.... went to the New York Baker's website and bought fresh compressed yeast


I've always wanted to try it, it's impossible to find where I live. Now, of course, I will have more yeast than I can dream of using  during the 2 months it's supposed to last


can I use it in ANY recipe that calls for yeast?  and is it really going to lose much of its power after 60 days? 



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Way back before I was married, Gerry,  my husband to be came in with 1/2  pound fresh yeast and said could you make Hot Cross buns for me. And that was the start of it.

 I have been baking with yeast fresh and direct yeast ever since, we have been married 53 years come March 2010, ;-)))))

 Made 5 home milled whole wheat  loaves today. ;-)    qahtan

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I'm in the process of loading my cart right now. I also added a pound of fresh yeast, and was wondering how long it would last. More in the since of how many loaves of bread it could bake.

If, as King Arthur claims, a pound of SAF instant yeast makes about 96 loaves of bread, all things being equal, how many will the fresh make? I think it's like a 3 to 1 ratio, so I guess about 30 with the fresh?

I guess I'll just have to find out.