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Recommendation for sandwich loaf pans: metal/glass/other?

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Recommendation for sandwich loaf pans: metal/glass/other?

What is your favorite bread loaf pan?

I am just getting into bread baking and would like to bake leavened sandwich type loaves.  What are your preferences for loaf pans that work well for this type of bread?  I have used many types of baking pans and have my favorites but I don’t know what would be best for bread.  And if metal, is there a certain type and manufacturer that turns out to be better than others?  So much goes into making a loaf of bread that I do want to spend the time and energy (and the money) in buying well-performing pans.

Thanks a lot


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Mini Oven

or white pans unless your oven tends to burn the bottoms of your loaves or you want white crust around your loaf (for me not an option as browned crusts taste better.)

Dark pans absorb heat faster and brown loaves better, clear glass pans also brown nicely but they break if you drop them or set them hot on a cold surface (thermal shock.) 

Check out your local thrift store, it's amazing what you can find there.

I like dark medium weight metal with a non-stick surface.

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I bought a couple of these from King Arthur.

I'm sure they are available other places as well.  If they work for me they should work for anybody remotely competent.


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I am a huge fan of silicon loaf pans--they clean well, store well (you can even roll them up in a drawer), and it's much easier to tip the loaf out (since I often cook the loaf for the last 15 minutes upside down, out of the pan).  Because the bread cooks 'away' from the pan, you also don't get that steamed crust effect either, which I really don't like.  

I bought mine in John Lewis, an English department store.  


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Kroger in Atlanta has Baker's Secret, dark, non stick, loaf pans on sale for $3/each. Both the 8.5x4.5 and the 9x5 pans for this price.

I'm guessing this is probably for all Kroger corp stores nation wide.

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I like Chicago Metalics bread pans.  Rather heavy duty, dark metal with rolled rims to keep them warp free.  I have 2 that were treated with a non-stick coating and 2 without.  I've had the non-stick for over 15 years, still love them.  Just got the other 2 so I can load up my oven on baking day.  Non fussy, brown and release well, easy to clean, hard to damage.

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I have the dark non stick as well as the stainless steel.  These both work fine but my favorite is my cast iron bread loaf pan.  Unlike darker metal pans I have never had a problem with the bottom over browning, in fact it doesn't even come close to getting dark on the bottom.  I have never seen them in stores but actually bought mine off of amazon.  Plus as long as you keep a little oil on it, it is pretty much nonstick on its own.  I have never had a problem with sticking.

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Thank you !  I think everyone is recommending dark, heavy, non-stick metal pans. 

Poppy you have had the same pans for 15 years?  What great karma/chi those bread pans must have.  Never give those away to a tag sale or similar.  At least I wouldn't.  They are for your children or there children!   

WB, I actually might try a silicone one. Rose Levy Beranbaum gushes about silicone pans in her new cake book and I am intrigued.  But they vary quite a bit between manufacturers she said.

Dwight, I appreciate you telling me about the sale at Kroger but we don't have that shop here in New York (City).  

Ken and Mini, thanks for the tips. 

I will look online tonight.


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I also only use cast iron loaf pans and absolutely love them - nice crust that is never under or over done. Here is the link to see/purchase them on Amazon.




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The best bread I have ever made was with an unglazed clay baking pan in the shape of a fat bread pan, though I dont use it very often, as I just make wheat rolls now, because they are so much faster to cook. I found both of my clay baking pans in the local thrift store.


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Here (click on Here) is a guy that tested few pans and posted results with pictures, if that helps in your decission making ;)




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$3 Baker's Secret pans here. 8.5 x 4.5" and 9 x 5 pans. Notice, no burnt sides(or bottoms).

And how silly for the reviewer to complain about the capacity of one brands 8 x 4" pan as compared to another brands 9 x 5" pan. One of several flaws in that very unscientific comparison.

Just goes to show it may be more about the baker and techniques, moreso than the pan, and even the dirt cheapest pan can bake a better loaf than the most expensive of them all(under the right circumstances).

Pictures of recent bakes. Recipes very similar to tested recipe.

8.8 x 4.5" loaves:

9 x 5 " loaves:



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I've used glass, dark metal and the WS pans, and the latter is by far the winner.  Perfect browning, incredible rise...perfect baking every time.  This pan was select by America's Test Kitchen as their favorite, and I happily concur.  It is a pricey pan, but well worth the extra $.

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I have just baked 2 in a lidded glass caserole and the other in a glass bread pan. I let both double and put them in a cold oven. They both came out well.

Never used a covered casserole before but it works well and this is the second time I put bread in a cold oven...saves gas to preheat and it really works well. Just don't over proof before baking.

I prefer glass cause you can see how brown the bottom is. I do bake some breads in a cast iron pot with lid. Love it too. Ususally take it out for the last 5 min or so.


Umm the bread was great, used the last wheat recipe posted with cup measurements but of course changed it a bit, used my own starter .. will do it again!

Have a wonderful baking day!

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Hands down Chicago Metalic ,along with parchment.

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I search for Chicago Metallic, whenever I'm buying baking hardware.

David G

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I use "Bakers Joy" to gease all of my baking pans for anything I bake. It is an oil and flour mixture. Nothing sticks!

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... with a pair of ceramic loaf pans I bought at Kohl's.

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I purchased some Baker's Secret pans a little while back, but every time I take my bread out of them I get a distinct burnt smell.  Luckily I haven't really been able to taste it in the bread, but the odor is bothering me.  I have some old Ekco pans that appear to be the same color as the Baker's Secret, but I've never gotten a burnt smell from my bread with them.  I didn't see many comments regarding stainless steel pans.  Does anyone use them much, and what are your thoughts on them?  Thanks!

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I did a lot of research on buying a baking pan, and while no one agrees on anything, I seemed to find that anyone who wasn't actually selling the pan believed that teflon or other non-stick is no good.  You might get a nice looking loaf that doesn't stick to the pan, but you'll also get the non-stick chemical in your blood-stream.  They say it's fine as long as you don't expose it to high temperatures.  But that sentence just seems stupid since you are, in fact, placing the item in an oven. 

Aluminum has recently been linked to alzheimers, but I don't believe the causal relationship has been proven yet. Regardless, I'll steer clear and let others figure that one out.

It seems that whatever you're baking with (save glass) is going to end up in your food, so use something you're body needs anyways!  So cast iron it is for me.  Evenly cooks, makes a perfect crust and never sticks (as long as you follow very simple care instructions) and you won't have those pesky iron deficiencies anymore.

Hope that helps!


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While we're at it, I bought a pullman loaf pan in Vienna, Austria some 45 years ago.  It's black metal with a top that slides on.  Fill it about half-way full, slide the top on, let it rise and bake.  You'll end up with a loaf that is almost square and great for appetizers or evenly square breads slices


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3 Olives

Williams Sonoma Exclusive Chicago Metallic Made In the USA loaf pans are excellent.

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They also were judged best by Cook's Illustated.I just bought one,Cooked one loaf in it,and one loaf in my Corningware.The The Williams Sonoma Gold pan crust was perfect.The Corningware too light in comparison.I'll be buying another soon(they ARE expensive).

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Just this morning ordered 2 more Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pans - cheaper than WS Gold loaf pans.  Love them.   I already had one and it made all the difference, even compared to Chicago Metallic which is the other that I have.  You have to call the company to order them but they are very pleasant to deal with and ship right away.

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Mini Oven

 The wonderful uses of a safety pin...