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Barley batard

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Barley batard

I came back from vacation!

I made this Barley batard (1/3 barley , 2/3 Whole Wheat), hearth bread.

Al though i used volume measurements, it turned our more or less sufficient. here it goes:

1 cup naked barley flour (1/3)

2 Cups Whole Wheat flour (2/3)

1 table spoon salt

1/4 teaspoon yeast

1.85 Cup of water, so roughly the final dough is 62% hydration (i could not elevate the hydration further because of the barley flour which kind of hinders the shaping process).

I used peter reinhart's method of delayed fermentation: i.e. split the doughs of each flower into halves, one contains yeast and goes to the fridge for 24hrs, while the other contains salt and remains outside in a warm place for 24hrs.

24hrs later, i combine the Biga (yeasted one) with the soaker (salted one), and make the bulk dough , and leave it to ferment for 1.5 hours until roughly 1.5 X the size.

Then, i scrape the fermented dough into a workspace WITHOUT de-flating it, and formed a Batard. At this point i heated the oven to 500 F, or 260 C while the bartard is left to ferment the final fermentation.

Half an hour later I used lava rocks in a Teflon cake mold and pured hot water to creat steam, and put the batard onto a parchment paper, and into the oven. the batard streched sideways, but oven rise compensated!

50 minutes later : VOILA!        VERY TASTEY

The loaf



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I have no experience with barley bu that looks tasty.


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As i understood, you ought to bake more barley to combat diabetes. Barley as many may know, is low in calories and high in fibers. Most important of all, it gives a distinctive taste to any bread, and a special aroma too. You really should try it. Plus You could bake it batter than i did, i learned from you people.

Note: I recommend no more than a third barley, due to the fact that it contains much less gluten than wheat.


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For stretching the bread sideways did you place the steaming hot water in another / bottom tray in the oven and the batard was on the top tray?

I dont have lava rocks, can I just put steaming hot water?