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Poolish Baguettes

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Poolish Baguettes

From Bread Baker's Apprentice....


well, for the first time I "think"  I am getting the hang of shaping those dreadful things... :-)


I had three baguettes, baked one at a time, trying the slashes in different ways - the best one was with much firmer and "aggressive" slashing. There is still A LOT of room for improvement, but at least I see a very tiny light at the end of the tunnel.... :-)

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a smaller photo of the crumb - hope it works

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Sally, those look great! I'm sure there were no complaints at your table.


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First time! They are great. I never shaped a baguette ... I have to try (mini) baguette one day.


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Sally those look great! Did you use different tools to slash or just a different technique with the same tool?

I haven't made the poolish baguettes yet, what did you think of the taste?

Great job! Baguettes are not easy...I know!

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I used the blade sold by King Arthur, that cute curved blade that comes in a green case

I just took a deep breath and cut the bread as if I really meant it... :-)


As far as the taste, very good-  if I do this recipe again, I might reduce just a little bit the whole wheat flour and see how it goes. This is a very "rustic" tasting, a little heavier than a normal baguette.  Perfect with ham and mustard....   

I also folded the dough instead of kneading with the mixer - I don't check the temperature or the windowpane anymore, just fold and wait, the gluten development was amazing  already after 45 minutes.

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I combine a batch of Rheinhart's Poolish and his Pate Fermente with a multiple (double, triple or quadruple) of Berenbaum's baguette recipe from "The Bread Bible", using KA's French style flour.  My family always comments about how "these are the best you've ever made" when I use the French style flour....

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I made a batch this past weekend too, and posted about it in my fresh loaf blog here:


Did you follow his fermentation/proofing timeline? I shortened them, and mine still overproofed a little, yours look great!

I used my 100% wild yeast starter (made with BBA method) rather than poolish though, don't know whether that's the reason. Also did S&F rather than kneading the dough until passing windowpane. Nice tasting bread!

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Progress is being made!

You're catching on to the importance of attitude. I think "like I really meant it" comes closer than "aggressive." 

I have not yet testing whether scoring in inhalation or exhalation results in better bloom. ;-)


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Once you find out which works best,  send the info my way!

I need all the help I can get.... :-)

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Sally, those are great looking baguettes.



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All right!  I've been following your baking and your baguettes give me some hope that I will be able to improve mine as well.  I haven't made the BBA ones yet but now I'm looking forward to it instead of dreading it!