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Peter Reinhart Videos

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Peter Reinhart Videos

There are two videos of Peter on Amazon in conjunction with his new book. One shows how to load loaves in the oven and steam them; the other, how to do stretch and fold with an 80% hydration dough.


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I had my copy of ABE on pre-order so I would have missed this video. It's always nice to see PR in action. The book came 2 wks. ago but commitments have kept me from diving in. I hope to get at it this week. The book is beautiful. I agree with some comments that I've seen that it seems a bit more approachable than his earlier books. I also admit to still being intimidated by TBBA. I do a lot of different breads but some of the "high end" artisan books turn me into a groundhog on Feb. 2nd!!! I just scurry back to my tried and true formulas. Then I have to wait till my confidence raises over the intimidation point. I'm expecting this latest of Reinhart's to open up the rest of his work for me.

(I want that cheese loaf! LOL)

Thanks again, and bake on.


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I am a ABI5 student, looking for better techniques, so today I ordered Peters ABE Book, along with his Bread-bakers Apprentice, and a few new tools.

They will be here next Monday, I feel like a kid on December 18th.

I've been getting good results with the ABI5 technique, but I'm ready to take the next step, and can't wait to try Peters methods.

Neat video, thanks for posting.

How are you folks making out with ABE?