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sourdough cinnamon knots

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sourdough cinnamon knots

So, my absolute favorite breakfast is a nice half of a toasted baguette with butter and (preferably homemade) jam. But a close second is pretty much any type of breakfast pastry. Recently, I've been experimenting with using my sourdough starter in a few recipes. In this concoction, I made a basic sourdough recipe, added raisins and dried cranberries. After bulk fermentation, formed into thin worms, which I rolled in cinnamon sugar before forming the knot shape. I'm aiming for just a little sweetness with the sugar dusting, but didn't want to make a sweet dough. I haven't tasted them yet (saving for breakfast tomorrow) but the house smells delicious and I'm pretty excited.

Dough recipe: 1/2 c 100% hydration starter (fed last night), 1.5 c AP flour, 3/4 c white whole wheat flour, 1 1/4 c water, 1/2 c mixed raisins & dried cranberries. Mix & autolize 30 minutes, knead briefly. Then stretch and fold twice, at 20 min intervals. After the second S&F, fold in and knead dried fruit. Let rise until doubled--about 3 hours. Shape as described above (I divided into 6 rolls), then proof 40 minutes, and bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.

Here are the rolls before going into the oven:

And the final result:

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and sooo simple.  My wife's sister is visiting, and both my wife and her sis love sourdough.  I just finished some of Peter Reinhart's Cream Scones to have for breakfast tomorrow, so now I know what I'm going to do for an encore!  Let us know how they taste after breakfast.  I'm one giant sweet tooth, so I'll have a hard time resisting sweetening them up a bit more, but if you give a good report, I just might be able to hold off.

Thank you for sharing.


LeahM's picture

they're delicious. Just had one for breakfast (toasted lightly) and...mmmmm!

They're actually sweeter than I expected--I think there's perhaps a larger proportion of sugar-coated area to interior than I may have anticipated. But I didn't think it was a problem.

So, yeah--let me know if you make them, or doctor them up, hope they turn out well. I made a sweetened sourdough a while ago for some chocolate buns, and they were good, but I felt like I lost a lot of the characteristic sourdough flavor, which is why I didn't add anything to the dough this time.

(Oh, and I may also be craving scones now, too...)

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Thanks, LeahM, these were fun to make and fun to eat!  I used my usual sourdough recipe with about 20g leftover starter and added in a T of Butter and a milk/water combination.  Added raisins at the first fold.  After a night-long fermentation in a cold room, I rolled the dough out, then cut it into snakes.  Roiled the snakes in cinnamon-sugar, knotted them up and let 'em proof  in a sunny window.  After baking, I wiped 'em down with butter so they'd be somewhat soft.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Susan from San Diego