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Just a little bit to let you know

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Just a little bit to let you know


My husband German I'm Thai. My family eat European bread for breakfast, I have to drive 40 min. or 1 hour to get those bread and buy them a lot to storage in our freezer so we have breads to eat for hole month.

In Thailand not many people eat bread. So, very few good bread (the way we like) in the market. Now, I wanted to make my own bread, and I had problem to make Baguettes and souredough, I guess may be I didn't get the right flour. I still keep on trying, sometime doesn't work out good sometime it workout.

I got your books in my cooking book collection, hasn't try your recipe yet. I would love to make bread everyday but my family couldn't keep up. :) 

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Mini Oven

You've come to a good place.  Another way to a German's man's heart is thru his stomach and no better way than with a hardy bread. 

Do you have a sourdough starter?  Don't worry if you don't. stick around and you will soon be talked into making one.

Do you have coriander seed available?  Caraway?  Anise?  Fennel? 

How about rye flour?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mini Oven