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Farina tipo "00"

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Farina tipo "00"

I wanted to share a new find for any Canadian bakers in Montreal. I was at Bonaza grocery store and was

delited to find Italian Flour type "00" great for bread and pizza for only $5.99 for 5 kilo's.

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The Italians use this flour for everything from pasta to desserts. Even in Switzerland I can not find it but go to Italy to stock up on it.  It makes a very big difference as the flour is a fine grind. Great that you are able to find it.

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You say that the flour is a finer grind, would it be possible to grind regular bread flour in a processer and get a finer grind that would mimmick 00 flour?? I live in a small town and cannot get it anywhere and with the S & H it's just too expensive to mail order....the difference is unbelievable when it comes to pizza crust! I bought some when I was back east and am getting low and paranoid to run out!

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Having used the Italian "00" flour and U.S. (King Arthur) flour I find that texture wise, both flours make excellent crust....I may even give the edge to the King Arthur flour for texture and bite.  ...but that's subjective....also, usually American flour has some malted barley, which concievably feeds the yeast which could result in a slightly lighter crust....the Italian flour having a bit more "bite" in the crust....which some may prefer.  On the other hand, without the issue of how fine the flours are ground......I found the Italian flour to have a noticeable difference in flavor and aroma...I could smell it even when mixing the dough, and could smell the difference when the pizza was baking.....This is something that grinding your American flour finer will not change. 

Maybe, some Italian flour with an addition of a little malted barley would be the best combo?????