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Splitting 50lb-Chicago suburbs

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sourdough greg

Splitting 50lb-Chicago suburbs

Hope I posted this inthe best place. I just looked at the Honeyvillegrain site, and they have some great prices for 50lb bags of various flours. I can't store that much, but the prices are hard to beat, and shipping is less than $5.00 on ANY order. So...anyone (or more than one, if we can coordinate it) in the Chicago area have any interest in splitting some bags? I'm interested in the Alta Artisan Unbleached  Flour for sure. (I always use unbleached flours). Probably some others, too.

Anybody on here able to comment on some of the other flours (for bread baking, mainly), like the Beehive Patent flour, the California Best Bread Flour, the Imperial High Gluten Flour? I don't know enough about the information they provide in their specs to help me determine which flours would work best for me. I just finished my WFO and hope to do most of my baking in it. I know I want to get the Artisan one, but past that, what would be a good ??? Any input would be appreciated. I like sourdoughs, crispy crusted breads, but also like to make a wide range of bread types.   

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I'm not familiar with Honeyville Grain, but I checked their site, and for about $1/lb, I wouldn't call the prices great.  I would think you could do better in the Chicago area.  I'm still looking for a source for unbleached unbromated hi-gluten flour in the Houston area.