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Latest Sourdough

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Latest Sourdough

My latest bake........and no, I don't usually bake 24/'s just that I had the time and the urge the last few days to bake a slew of breads.. and decided that now, was as good of a time as any, to start a blog, since I would have a smattering of photos to post...Also Mondays tend to be my big bake day for the week..but enough excuses for all the bread:)...I took the advice to bake a bit longer on this one....glad i did.....yum!

add about 25g semolina and 40 grams soaked 7 grain cereal to this one. Remainder of flour was Wheat Montana Natural White Hi-Protein

and here's the crumb shot:

Any helpful questions or comments are appreciated!

 P.S. Yes....this was another big reason why i felt like holing up and baking bread today....can you believe the sight that met our eyes as we peeked out the windows of our cozy lil house this morning? Behold the weather on Oct. 12 ...if you live in N. Wisconsin!!!




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Lovely crust and spectacular crumb! Just perfect.

We're having a cold snap, too. I don't think it'll get over 70 F today.


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cold heart just bleeds for you on that one......:)  I actually enjoy winter......just NOT in OCTOBER

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Perfect.  I'll be asking you for help soon!

67F here in Prescott, a bit breezy, blue skies.  So clear I can see the San Francisco Peaks over near Flagstaff from my kitchen window.

Susan From San Diego

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*smiles at susan's joke* :)  Prescott sounds lovely...i grew up in the Phoenix area, so yeah, this weather is different than the first 12 years of my life!!!

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Beautiful bread! Keep them coming!

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Gorgeous loaf and with my two of my favorite ingredients, semolina and  rolled grains and seeds..I made a loaf just out of the oven today with 5 grain cereal..wanted 10 but store didn't have it!

I love your snow photo!


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The texture is just perfect! It's hard to find fault with that one. I think you are doing a fabulous job. Next time you might try doing your slashes along the length of the loaf, slightly overlapping, instead of diagonally across the width of the loaf. This usually encourages better oven spring and looks nice, too (not that I think your oven spring is lacking--it looks great).

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thanks for the tip! i was actually wondering how to get the type of slashing i often see around here, and I think it may be just what you suggested..i definitely want to work on that aspect of my bakes...its hard to be confident when you're looking at a nice puffy piece of dough, and holding a sharp razor in your

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Great job.I love everything about it, the crumb is so nice.

Ohio is cold, about 48ºF today. No snow yet.