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Coming out of hiding....

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Coming out of hiding....

Hi everyone...I've lurked, listened, and learned for the past 20 some weeks...and now I decided to bite the bullet and actually start a blog. Now that summer is slowing down here (the summer that we never had here in the North this year) I have a little time to introduce and log some bakes...

So here it is, my name is Cathy.

I live in N. Wisconsin where the summers are heavenly and the winters are...well...not warm OR short. 'nuf said.

I love to cook and bake and do so pretty close to every day. Who am I kidding? I live in my kitchen. Occasionally I step outside of it to deal with the 14 acres of beautiful land and gardens that surround our place in the country...where I tend to my gardens and glean the tasty produce  that I take BACK to the kitchen and concoct more lovely things...:)  Like most of you here..Baking is my passion......I've been baking since i was a mother, I am still firmly convinced, can bake the socks off of anybody. And she's one of these "dumper and feelers" no measuring no fancy equipment...I, on the other hand am far too type A for such and love my little Escali with all my heart...:)

I am a homemaker and decorative artist and my husband runs a commercial sign business and is a contractor. Anyway..Enough about me...I'm excited about learning more and posting my baking escapades.... off to the oven......cathy in wi

My latest Sourdough (thanks to susan for the formula..and to all the rest for the helpful comments for further improvement)


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Welcome.  Thank is a beautiful looking loaf!

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Hi, Cathy.

Welcome to TFL!

Very handsome loaf you baked.

Keep the photos coming. (We like crumb shots, too.)


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What a beautiful loaf of bread!

I look forward to your posts...

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I loved the pics of your bread and want to try it.  Any chance of getting the recipe or the link to it?  Many thanks

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formula is based on Susan in SF's sourdough boules.  Check out her blog here....they are gorgeous! :) and also VERY friendly if you're just beginning to work with wild yeasts as opposed to commercial yeast... Fermentation and proofing times i play with, of course, as i try to work with my current temps and schedule...

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That is a beautiful loaf of bread. I look forward to your future posts.