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No Knead Ciabatta

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No Knead Ciabatta

Using the “no-knead” method, popularized by Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery, I went for a ciabatta this weekend.  There were a few adjustments I made to the recipe:

  1. I used 2/3 bread flour and 1/3 whole wheat flour, instead of 100% bread Flour.

  2. To develop the strength of the dough a bit, I used the “stretch-and-fold” technique several times throughout the 19-hour fermentation period.

Overall, I was pleased with the results.  The crumb had a nice open structure, with uneven holes throughout.  The crust was a bit thinner than I expected, and was hoping for a bit more oven spring. :)



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I've adapted the No-Knead bread like this as well. I always enjoyed the results, but with the time I forgot about it. Good you reminded me.

I used to drizzle it with some olive oil and flavor it with some chopped rosemary.


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looks yummy!:) I haven't got around to ciabatta yet....spending too much time playing with my wild yeastie beasties :)....but I've been craving this for a sandwhich many little time.........cathy in wi

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I have used the no knead ciabatta recipe to great reviews. How do you incorporate the stretch and fold ( what is stretch and fold?) into the 19 hour process?