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Mega bake - Danishes

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Mega bake - Danishes

I was up until midnight last night baking these beauties.  Unfortunately due to lack of sheet pans I had to bake/proof in two batches which really stretched out my finish time.







verminiusrex's picture

Impressive.  And they look very good.

Until recently every Friday I'd make up to 16 dozen bagel for Farmer's Market, even with a ton of containers and sheet pans, baking in quantity take a very long time.  First batch of dough would knead at about 8am, last bagel would be bagged between midnight and 3am.

nbicomputers's picture

i hate to be the one sour note but to me they look raw.

there is no color on the crust at all.

were you going for a brown an serve product or is this way you wanted them to look?

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DW, so perhaps it is a flash or reflection thing going on.  They look great.