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NO salt ?

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NO salt ?

Hi, I am new to the forum, and I've been trying to find something about using bread machine or other bread recipes, leaving OUT the salt !   I need a salt free diet , which is difficult in it's own, but every recipe calls for salt..... I've left it out, and used my Hitachi machine, the bread is good, but didn't seem to rise and be a full size loaf.... is my leaving the salt out the problem ? I also just bought more fresh rapid yeast.......  but I haven't gotten a loaf out of the machine yet, as it's baking now......

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Hah, I have to say, the bread is rising all the way to the top of the pan, inside the breadmaker ..,,,, it MUST have been the new yeast !!!

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I don't know about the whole bread machine thing, but if you're looking for saltless bread, this Tuscan bread is traditionally made without salt.  Google "pane Toscano" and you'll find some results to sift through.


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You could try a mixture of herbs and spices to replace the salt.  Mix things like sage, oregano, thyme, parsely flakes, onion and garlic powder and (if you like a little heat) a dash of red or cayenne pepper.  Some folks like a bit of basil and/or other herbs in the mix.  It doesn't take very much of a mix like that to help provide a lift to your formula that might otherwise be provided by the salt.  It may take a bit of experimentation but you may find something that suits your purposes quite well.

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... instead of the yeast. you'll get a lot more flavor out of your flour, even without salt.

Stan Ginsberg

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Wow, thanks for the suggestions !! The loaf was baking perfectly and toward the end , the top fell.. but the loaf had much better texture, with the new yeast. I plan on getting a sour dough starter going soon, because I think I'm gonna like that stuff ! Again, thankyou for the suggestions !

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We are also on a no salt diet for years. I use a salt substitute called Also Salt.

I use the same amount called for in a recipe with salt. It doesn't affect the rising

but of course the taste is different. After so many years we are used to less salt

and would not be able to eat a particularly salty food. I use the Zo bread machine

or t he oven and rarely have a problem.