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Cardamom braids

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Cardamom braids

Some time ago I posted a recipe for Cardamom Braids and wished I knew who to credit with the recipe. I still don't know but wanted to share this picture. The recipe called for dividing the dough and making two braids then stretching them to 18". I wanted to be able to give the loaves away and hate to give half a loaf so I made it into four braids. As you can see I baked them all on one pan and they "kissed", so next time I won't crowd them so much. I also made the dough in the morning and shaped the braids and put them in the fridge overnight so that I could bake them early next day. A.





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They sure look nice, Annie!  

Such a lovely and tasty gift to receive!

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Great job with the cardaman breads Annie but even a greater job posting your own photos. I knew you could do it.



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Anie, you have been holding out on us. Those are picture perfct. Way to go.


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Thanks so much Lindy, Weavershouse and Eric, and especial thanks to Susan who was so patient with this old duffer! I was ready to quit and toss the computer through the window - many times - but Susan wouldn't give up. So you can teach an old dog new tricks, A.

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Hello Annie!
Those are GORGEOUS!!!! Sadly I missed out on the recipe when you posted it!! I really love Cardamom and would LOVE to be able to bake these for my friends and family!! So if you don't mind sharing that recipe again, I would REALLY be grateful!! If you would either send it to me in a message on here or email it to me at



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Hi Janet, thank you for the compliment, and I have to tell you your house will smell heavenly when you bake them. In the search area type in Scandinavian Cardamom braids and go to AnnieT's blog, the second one down. Then open the comments and you will find the recipe - hope you will try it. When I used 1 tspn of ground cardamom the flavor wasn't strong enough, so either use more or used crushed cardamom seeds, A.

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Gee Annie, I'm not sure what impresses me most, your posting your own pics or your lovely braids! Way to go! I was up towards your neck of the woods last night for the ball game. We lost, drat!


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I love Cardamom.................

The braids look soooo pretty, thanks for sharing =~)