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Latest sourdough boule

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Latest sourdough boule


Believe it or not, finally a picture! Susan has walked me through this and deserves a medal for her patience. This is "Susan's Sourdough", my go to bread and while it got good oven spring the crumb could have been more open. I have a feeling I slightly underproofed it after a few overproofed loaves. Oh well, next time...A.


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Lovely, boule!  You couldn't ask for anything nicer!


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On your patience, too. Lovely loaf!

Let's do it again soon.

Susan from San Diego

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Does anyone have time to walk me through one of these loaves? I am getting a 9" round banetton soon and would like to make this loaf/similar sourdough boule with it. Any suggestions, formula's? 

My sourdoughs have lately coming out with more of a sandwich bread crumb instead of an open crumb. I need help with a nice, crusty sourdough boule with an open crumb and the picture above (perfect!) is just what I'm after.

Desperate for a slice from the perfect sourdough boule, 


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Thanks to Susan you can now post photos everyday, if you want. The loaf is beautiful.

Thanks so much Susan for helping Annie.


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That's a mighty fine looking boule (and photo) - be proud!  

As to the crumb, well, the philosophy of my kids is:  "Less holes, more bread!"

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Well, thanks - Sylvia, Susan,weavershouse, Lindy and inlovewbread. Not sure that it will ever happen again - I guess it depends how many afternoons Susan is willing to coach me. As to the recipe, inlovewbread, if you go to the search area and type in June 25 2008 you will find it quite a way down the column, after Foolish Poolish's entry. I bake mine on a preheated stone but I know Susan uses a heavy sheet. I bake it at least once a week and it never fails. Happy baking, A

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Thank you AnnieT. I actually realized after I posted that I was not in a forum but on your blog. Sorry about that, should've asked my question elsewhere.

Once again though, great job and picture. It's very inspiring! Such joy from a great loaf of bread.

Thanks again for the info.

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Mini Oven

Annie congratulations!  You've jumped over your own shadow!  Post another one!  I found out I had to do this a few times before it settled into my brain.  Post one a day here and play around.   My son is always telling me I'm too scared to try stuff when it comes to computers.   Glad to be able to see your bakes!  


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Thank you David and Mini, but I really couldn't have posted the picture without Susan's help, and nobody will want to see the same old sourdough again. Mind you, I did bake some cool cardamom braids... My sons think it's hysterical that I "blog" but they created a monster by giving me an old computer and a free email subscription for a birthday some years ago. Maybe I'll try to post again tomorrow, A.

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It's great to see your photo; I agree with Mini, it takes a few times to remember, but (for me anyway) it's not like riding a bike- I have to keep relearning the steps.  Oh well.

Your loaf looks great.  I also make Susan's Sourdough.  I printed it out from a post of yours over a year ago.  Great everyday bread.