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Results from the Baguette “Test”

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Results from the Baguette “Test”

For the most part, I was pleased with the results.  

The day before I baked, I made the sponge, mixed, scaled, and formed the dough into the classic baguette shape.  I put in a lot effort in creating as much surface tension as I could, otherwise, the finished product could be quite flat and blob-like.  I threw the shaped dough in the fridge, and forgot about it until the next morning.

After the loaves were finished baking the following morning, I was happy with the shape, color, and most of all, the nutty aroma that comes along with freshly baked french bread.  The texture of the crust worked for me as well.  However, the crumb needs to be improved, as it was missing that light airy quality that is so essential for baguettes.  I will tweak this recipe next weekend and try to go for that cloud-like baguette crumb I am after.


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I cannot seem to get a good french bread no matter what.  I try to use a somewhat 'wet'dough to get the crumb I want, but then the bread goes flat.  Well, not maybe not flat but nothing like what you have in your photo.  What recipe did you follow? just basic french?  flour water, yeast, salt etc.?  what hydration would you suggest?

I'm wondering if the reason for putting the dough in a flour lined cloth is so that the flour absorbs the flour and forms a rather tight 'skin'?  I purchased some canvas cloth, but haven't tried that yet.