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Raisin Walnut Sourdough

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Raisin Walnut Sourdough

I played with my favorite sourdough recipe, changing some of the flour to whole wheat and rye. I loaded it with toasted walnuts and raisins.  Can't wait to give it a taste.

We're trying to put to good use the bounty from our garden. My husband took over the kitchen today and made an awesome tomato sauce from the tomatoes, peppers and squash we are still harvesting. We even picked a few figs yesterday.

I think the beautiful weather we've been enjoing in Oregon is coming to an end. Rain is in the forecast. We've been spoiled this summer!


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Your veggies are beautiful.  Our main growing season is just beginning here in FL now that the summer heat is letting up just a little.  We've been living on okra, beans and the peppers and tomatoes that were tough enough to not get fried or drowned and split in the rain.  I'll bet that summertime in Oregon is splendid!  I would love to go there sometime.

The bread looks great as well.  Walnuts and raisins are a great combo.


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Oh! I would love some of your rain and your veggies and piece of that lovely loaf!