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'Round and 'Round She Goes .. .

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Muffin Man

'Round and 'Round She Goes .. .

  I recently rewatched an old King Arthur baking DVD and thought, well, why not try it.  It was revelatory.  I had gone over to weighing everything (a la Peter Reinhart) and using my Kitchen Aid (a Christmas present four years ago from my son).  In the vid, Michael Dubinski measured all but the flour (OK, so he used cups).  He brought the mixture from liquid to dough manually, adding only as much flour as was needed.  i tried this and rediscovered why I started baking some 5 years ago (I'm an old, slow learner).  What joy, watching ingredients transform into a dough before my eyes.  In a production environment, machinery is necessary for survival.  At home, it is pure joy to watch the dough develop, ferment with only the warmth provided by sunlight and the moisture in the air (not a problem in Florida), being shaped and proofed (again by the warm air found here) and finally baked into a delicious bread.  I look forward to as many years as I am given to baking continually.


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My mixer broke a few months ago and I too have rediscovered how much fun it is to make bread by hand. There is something almost Zen about the whole process. Just flour, salt, yeast and water. It has been this way for thousands of years. It is a way to connect with ancestors, to have that shared experience, to eat the food they ate!

Plus, its yummy and fun!!!

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Yes, I also have a KitchenAid, but I just love feeling the "mess-to-dough-will-soon-be-bread" on my hands ;)