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Rosh HaShanah Challah

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Rosh HaShanah Challah

This is winging its way to NYC for my best friend to use at her celebration Friday evening. I have been making Challah for well over 35 years now but only learned how to do this braid last year. Thanks to TFL for that info . Hope you enjoy and have a blessed holiday.

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Rally fantastic, but how do you braid it, and with what recipe?

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Thank you for looking. This is the link I used to learn as well as ejm's blog that is also available to you if you use the search area up above. You can use any Challah recipe for your braids. These are made with 1 1/2 # of dough. I have pics in my blog of a basket of braids that each weighed 1 #. Here is the link...good luck to you !

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Beautiful round braided Challah, trailrunner!  This is my favorite braid!  It not only looks great I love this shape for way is slices up so nicely.  I just sent a couple of vanilla round challahs over to my daughters...she loved the shape...I even do my scali and italian breads in this shape.  We are not Jewish but love the Challah and it just seems odd to find out that is a Jewish celebration time I didn't know about.  This is the only link where I have seen how to do this braid.




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you are right there aren't any other sites that I could find that show this braid. I am so glad that emj first posted it. It is a lovely and festive way to do lots of breads. c

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This is my favorite braid too.  It looks like it should be difficult, but is quite simple.  Usually I'm lazy with shaping and make my challahs as a twist using just one strand.  I bake challah every week or so and make 6-8 at a time, so it is definitely special to see this braid at our house.  Thanks emj and Trailrunner.


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I learned to do it this year, too, and I can't believe how easy it is.  I've been making all my challahs round since I learned it, even though they are not necessarily for the holidays. 

I also learned to do a six braid this year, but that is difficult and I always have to look it up.  Plus, I'm not so great at getting it even.  So the round ones are my default challahs now. 

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I am making a round challah tonight, and I think you've inspired me to try this braid! :)

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For many years I always made 6 loaves at a time. I have 13 qt bread bowls and it is so easy to do by hand. Now with just the 2 of us I usually do 3 loaves unless for special occasions such as gifts. Glad you too enjoy it !

Jan I never do the you I have to look back and forth to do it since I can't do it as second nature. I really like the round too.

mrosen! I love to inspire other bakers. Have a wonderful celebration. c

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Just wanted to thank you for posting this with your beautiful pictures!  I found the site that gives directions and tried it out - wonderful look to my bread.

I use the BBA recipe and have gotten rave reviews every time I bake Challah!

Thanks again!



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would love to see a pic of your bread next time. Glad you enjoyed it. c