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Happy World Bread Day!

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Happy World Bread Day!

Happy World Bread Day, one and all!

Being a Monday, there is very little likelihood I'll get to bake. So I baked Sunday instead. I baked two Blueberry Cream Cheese Braids.


A sourdough loaf with my new starter (I haven't had a chance to post about that yet).

sourdough crust

sourdough crumb

Without question, this was the best sourdough loaf I've ever made.

I also baked something like the Pugliese from The Bread Baker's Apprentice with some left over mashed potatoes I had.

Pugliese loaves

So tomorrow, to celebrate, I'll eat them up, and perhaps share some at the office as a World Bread Day gift.


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Floyd, the blueberry braids look  wonderful, and on my list to make.

Your other breads look delicious, too. Thank you for sharing, I always

enjoy your pictures and step by step instructions.

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Looks so yummy! This is making me want to make my own sourdough. Do you think it would matter if I edited your recpie and added some whole wheat flour? I really like whole wheat sourdough....

 I made my sweet rolls on world bread day! They're delicious.

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I actually threw in about 10% whole wheat flour. I used the Vermont Sourdough with a wet starter from Jeffrey Hamelman's book as the guide. It was good.

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I hope they come up with a better logo for World Bread Day next year; this year's was a bit disturbing.




PS Your little guy looks ready to carry one of those loaves off to his treehouse!