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Sara Lee Cherry Pie

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Sara Lee Cherry Pie

Last week I had 11 people over for dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving..Food becomes a focal point for most ex pats (living outside their birth country). My ex chiropractor for example, would get misty eyes when he spoke about his mothers roast France.

And for dessert, I made an english trifle, a sour cream and raison pie and a cherry pie. My husband, a week later is still craving cherry pie, claiming he did not get enough of last he BUYS a frozen one yesterday...claiming he didnt want me to go to "any extra trouble" and that a frozen one would "be almost the same". Now I am not a food snob, but Hades will freeze over before I eat a piece of this frozen pie, pictured below. Also I had alterior motives... the previously mentioned "doubts about the oven temp"

The good thing about it, was that it almost burnt, prooving again that there is something seriously out of whack with the temperature guage somewhere in my oven...

But, as beauty is in the eyes of the is taste...


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Besides containing way too much sugar, of late most frozen pies I have seen contain partially hydrogenated lard in the crust. I had thought partially hydrogenated palm oil was the worst possible ingrediant that would ever be put in processed food, but it turns out I was wrong! Leave it to the food industry to exceed my worst expectations.



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I am with you on the store bought pie!  Your homemade crust looks so much better. 

Here is our hand model Lindsey picking up a lattice crust from a recent photo shoot, using a prototype of the newest version of the Super Peel.  Was hoping to have it available for this fall's baking season, but running a bit behind schedule.  Ultimately, the cost will be way less and it is way lighter, beign more suitable for pie, cookie, etc. baking.