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Lager Rye Ciabatta

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Lager Rye Ciabatta

Following the lead of rick.c ( I decided to try a rye infused poolish vesion of ciabatta using beer as an ingredient.

The formula and procedure went like this:

Lager/Rye Ciabatta

92 grams AP flour
48 grams rye flour
140 grams water
    ferment 3 days in fridge

160 grams bread flour
52 grams lager beer

5 grams salt
3 grams active dry yeast

Mix with stand mixer, knead 10 minutes using dough hook
Move to oiled bowl to raise 90 minutes or approx. double in mass

Stretch and fold 8 - 10 times, shape into loaf, oil top and cover
with plastic wrap to proof 60 - 90  minutes or approx. double in mass

Baking stone, parchment, 500 degree oven with water in container to provide steam
5 minutes, remove water, reduce heat to 425 degrees

Bake approx, 10 more minutes to internal temperature of 200 degrees.

The results were:

Click on thumbnail for larger view.

Crust was brown, tender and offered a somewhat nutty flavor

Crumb was open, very light and tender, a slightly sour rye flavor

This one was pleasing, but I think I'll try a dark beer next time and allow it to reach 205 degrees before removal from oven.



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I have saved the recipe and must try this one.  When you say a dark beer.  More like a stout?

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Yes, I think perhaps a stout; or perhaps a brown ale.  But since I posted this initially I've also considered a Red Ale (Fat Tire, Alaskan Amber) as a contender.

I'm glad that I started with a lager though.  I think it provided me with a basis for comparison.  I think I'll try a lager with a whole wheat poolish too.  Just to see what different flavor I can coax from the lager/whole wheat combination that might differ from the lager/rye combination.

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I used a brown ale, dark color, pretty dry tasting, reasonably bitter, in mine.  Next contenders are an ipa, wheat beer of some sort, maybe a sam adams cherry....

That looks good though!