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Hello All!

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Hello All!

Brotform shaped Panmarino

I've been a longtime reader (lurker) of the The Fresh Loaf and haven't really had the chance to bake for a while, oven use when it was hot out just wasn't working, I was really busy with work, etc. But I recently jump started myself back into it with the BBA Challenge, and the realization that my girlfriend didn't care about me using the oven at her house!

Since then I've been practically a whirlwind of baking. That Panmarino up at the top, from BBA, was the first in the whirlwind! Except for the last 2 weeks, helping her move up to Fairbanks, Alaska from Los Angeles, CA for a PhD program. Now that we're done with the drive, and up here and a bit more settled I finally have the chance to sit down and type up this post. I've been just itching to bake, but I don't really have the facilities up here.

Well, since I haven't been able to bake for a bit I'll just give a few of the 'greatest hits' from recently.

I made these right before I left on the trip, two loaves of pugliese from Bread Baker's Apprentice. I deviated from the recipe a little bit and made them sourdough with 100% semolina flour.

Baked Pugliese

Also a pannetone made with golden raisins, triple cherry blend, and blueberries.

Baked Pannetone

A week or so before I left for the trip I made the BBA Miche using a blend of whole wheat, white, spelt and rye flour. It was a little tricky handling a loaf that big but it turned out beautifully! Really awesome mix of grain and sourdough flavor in that one.

Miche Loaf

And lastly, cinnamon rolls from BBA, these were a huge hit with my friends and at work!

Cinnamon Rolls

So again, hello to everyone and may all your baking go well!


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You obviously know how to put your spare time to use!  Those are beautiful looking loaves.  I'd love to see some shots of the crumb next time!

Look forward to your future posts-


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Sure! I was trying to avoid a huge deluge of pictures on my first post. But here are some crumb shots. And you can always find more at my flickr: Bread pictures

Crumb from the miche, I was kind of busy the day this was getting sliced up so I only have one from the first few cuts, crumb was a little more open even in other parts of it.

Cut Miche Loaf

The pugliese crumb, we were eating this one on the road with some really awesome chevre we picked up by Pike's Place market in Seattle, heirloom cherry tomatoes and wild huckleberries too!

Sliced Pugliese

Shot of the pannetone:

Pannetone Crumb

A bonus shot of a sourdough ciabatta I made just a few days after getting this new stater going:

Sourdough Ciabatta

And the crumb from the Panmarino:

Crumb Detail

Thanks for the warm welcome!


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Thanks for posting them!  Obviously your trip did't require any stops at a store for bread!


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cake diva


I love the look of the pugliese.  I can imagine it coming out of the oven and being slathered with salted butter, good olive oil, soft cheese, or eaten just by itself.  And panetonne- what can I say?  I don't wait till Christmas time to make panetonne.  It is so delicious, but oh so painstaking to make, don't you think?.... I think I will make a batch to bring with me to Chicago next week.  I have plenty of homemade candied peel and the molds.  That should wow my friends.  Thanks for the idea!-- cake diva

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Pannetone definitely is so yummy! It is a bit of a pain to make yes, trying to get all those ingredients incorporated into the dough! But when your house is perfumed with the smell as it is baking you tend to forget that part...