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almost foolproof crusty 100% ww bread?

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almost foolproof crusty 100% ww bread?

Is there such a thing as a %100 whole wheat bread recipe, that is a bit crusty like a peasant bread, and is not so tricky to make successfully?

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Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book has an entire chapter called A loaf for learning.  Her recipe is for a simple yogurt bread that yeilds one loaf. I'll bet you'll want

to double it once you have tried it. There are many other basic whole wheat recipes you will enjoy as well. The loaf for learning chapter takes the guess work and mystery out of whole wheat bread. Get some really fresh whole wheat flour, stone ground prefferably, and organic if possible and give it a try.  Let me know what you think of the step, by simple, step method, if you should try it. The library should have a copy of the book. Peter reinhart considered Laurel's book one of his favorites.  Ray

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I might not have completely addressed one of your requirements in my first post's response. When I re-read it the word crusty jumped out at me. There are other recipes in Laurel's bread book that might be crustier candidates. Any of the breads that benefit from steaming might be better choices. Also bread shapes might figure in, in the  crustier crust quest. I have baked some freeform loaves with a pyrex bowl over the bread, with crusty results. I have baked the same bread in a loaf pan along side the bread with the bowl just to compare, and the crust color and texture is markedly different. Ray

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Seems to be a good loaf. Love to follow instructions but I'm not good at working out percentages. I'd much prefer ounces or cups