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A general question about the forum

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A general question about the forum

Just curious - how are the photos of the breads chosen for the opening page? 


Do they get changed once a month or without a precise timing?

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Hi Sally,

Have you baked an astonishing loaf that you'd like to get on the front page?

There are rumours... oh, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to even say this... it gives me goosebumps every time I think of it... There are some guys that fix people up with the front spots. They operate undercover and make huge-$$$ deals in dark alleys for those positions. I've heard that they either go for extortionate sums of cash or at least a spoonful of recently fed, vigorous sourdough cultures. Remember, you didn't hear this from me.

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And the payment is generally in DKK, right?


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I see... I see.....  


"someone" please me at the alley after 10pm tonight. I will be wearing a black hat, and carrying a mason jar with some bubbly.   Now I'll go home refresh my starter one more time just to be on the safe side....





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It's switched in when Floyd has some spare time to fiddle with the page layout - which tends to be about once a month yes, though that's just coincidental and pretty loosely defined. Sometimes a story being highlighted will stay "hot topic" of discussion for a number of weeks, so as long as it's still something folks seem to want to talk about it'll stay up. Other times people seem to have said all they really want to say about the topic. And sometimes it's a topic selected that has been here for a bit but is seasonally appropriate and seems like a good one to bring up for folks.

Basically, you can pretty much put it down to "Feels like it needs to be updated, and we're not in the middle of a family vacation that makes logging in to mess with layouts a pain right now" - in other words, no - there's not a tight schedule. ;)

As for content, lots of times people post absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos, but there's no recipe or discussion to go with, so there's just not enough of a story to highlight. Since this is a forum meant for discussion with others, we want there to be something to talk about beyond just a pretty picture.

Sometimes people post really hot stories that are generating a lot of discussion, but there's no that makes it hard to figure out how to highlight it. Generally though, it's subjective - meaning we think the photo is nice and there's enough content to the post to want to bring it forward and hope it'll generate some discussions and experimentations.

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Good to know, I suspected it was something along those lines, but you know... I have a curious mind  :-)

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the jar of bubbly in the alley event is off?

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I say anyone with a bubbly should show up - in the worst case scenario we just go bake a white levain bread together!  ;-)