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Agave Nectar

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Agave Nectar

Ok, this may have been mentioned before, but when using agave nectar should a person half it in a recipe where you originally used honey.  My nectar is very thin and the honey I have been using is very thick.  I also noticed that the nectar seems to be a lot sweeter then my honey.  We use raw honey here and it is much thicker then the pasturized stuff we find in the stores around here.  If this has been talked about somewhere please let me know and I will go look there for my info.  I am having a fun time trying out some new sweeteners.  Next I will be trying some different types of sugars.  I will try and post some pictures of the breads I make with the different sugars to show the differences in rise and texture if any.


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Hi Lydia,

I haven't baked before with the agave but ours is also pretty thin compared to honey.  I did a quick search for "agave" and found on a couple of threads that people who did use it reduced the amount of liquid by a small portion, or simply use less agave.  I haven't noticed it to be significantly sweeter, but I guess that's just personal taste?

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I substitute it directly for honey. It has become my favorite sweetener, 42.5 grams per loaf as per PR. I think the extra liquid is trivial -- any slight increase in moisture will be dealt with when I do the final adjustments to get the feel right anyway when kneading.