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Doughnut Help...Please

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Doughnut Help...Please


 You're all so helpful and knowledgeable and I need your help.  

Can you please tell me how to prepare doughnut batter/dough in advance so that I can fry it off as needed.   I'm a caterer and thinking about doing fresh, hot doughnuts for a party. If you do cake doughnuts can the batter be chilled and then piped as needed?

If I'm using a yeast-risen dough how do I have it ready when I need it at different times during the party?  I've been to restaurant that make doughnuts per order and I'd like to know how that's done.

 I truly appreciate your help. I hope I've made my question clear..  



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cake diva


The yeast donut recipe that was the subject of my blog here (Time to Make the Doughnuts) can be fried at a much later time after rising.  I had made too big of a batch, so I had to put back the risen dough in the fridge, covered.  I fried the batch the next day and the results were just as good as the previous day's.--- cake diva

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I had an enormous order for over 300 doughnuts, and I just made batch after batch of dough the week before and kept them all covered in the fridge.  Since they all had to be delivered the same Saturday morning, I was up most of the Friday night before frying up all the doughnuts, but you definitely can make the dough well in advance.