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Hot Dog Snuggles

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Hot Dog Snuggles

I want to make some of these


I am not looking for the recipe but some suggestions on forming/pans.

If you have never eaten one of these they are like hot dog vaults. No drips, spills or disintegration.

They will hold massive amounts of chili and if you fill them with crab salad........:o)

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Where are you?  Are these the same as what we in North America would call a "hot dog bun"?  If so, I understand that pans can be purchased online.  Alternatively, you could just make small batards with your favourite sandwich bread recipe.


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Looks like a New England style hot dog bun. was selling the pans for making them..on sale..a little while back!


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Debra Wink

I saw these things years ago when my nephews were young. I don't think they were the same brand, but they may have been called snuggles---can't remember. The kids raved about them---I think it was the novelty more than anything else. They were neither a typical hot dog bun, nor a New England style. The bread was firmer and U-shaped in cross-section. Not sliced. They must have been baked on a special form, but maybe you could get similar results baking around something like these cannoli forms.

Click here: Cannoli Forms

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They were awesome for hotdogs, kellydogs, sausage. As Debra Wink says, they are nothing like a hotdog/New England style bun. The dough is much more dense and very sturdy. The companyalso makes pita bread. I can picture making this with a much firmer dough and formed with a dowel pressed into it, rather than any type of form.