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costco has unbleached flour

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costco has unbleached flour least in Modesto,Cal. Eagle Mills ap unbleached, It is blend of white and ultragrain flours. It is sold in 2 ten bound packages(20 pounds) for about $.35 a pound. There appears to be some whole wheat added. States that is can be used where ever all purpose flour is used.  I haven't used it but will let you know what I think when i do. Patrick

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Postal Grunt

I've seen the 5# bags of this flour in the local supermarket for about $3.59 and that 20# package in S. KC Costcos for just under $7. It's a Conagra product. I haven't tried it yet.

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The two Costco stores in Houston only stock bleached flours.  Maybe I need to make a request!

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I live in Northeastern IL and the costco stores here don't carry anything but bleached.  I keep looking and hoping..................


The Sam's stores dont' carry it either

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Nor have I found any unbleached flour in the Costco's that I have been to in So CAL - San Bernardino, Victorville, Los Alamitos. 

Maybe there is hope!

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My local Costco also carries it and I bought some.  I have used it so far in a couple of sandwich loaves and a batch of baguettes.  I was initially suspicious (mainly of the health claims), but ended up being very impressed with the flavor.  I searched around for quite awhile to try to find out the protein content of the 30% Ultragrain that Eagle Mills uses since there seems to be something like 3 varieties of Ultragrain and I couldn't figure out which variety is actually used in the Eagle Mills AP Unbleached flour.  I was afraid that the flour would be too soft and not hold together enough for nice chewy bread.  However, it ended up making some wonderful baguettes especially.  It's funny, when I tasted them about an hour after baking, I wasn't totally impressed with the flavor, but later at dinner and on the following days, the flavor had improved by far.  They were nicely sweet and had a very satisfying chewy quality.  I should mention that I used a three day old fermented white dough preferment (not SD) and then also retarded the final dough overnight in the fridge, which generally makes for a better flavor.  Anyway, I feel that it's worth your trying the flour.