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Bread and Wine

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Bread and Wine

I have just started baking and am able to have a bread stand at the wine festival in Gettysburg. Any suggestions on what would sell the best and of course would be the easiest to make and transport. I have been practicing on some Italian loaves and would just like to get a idea of what to bake and with an estimated attendance of 20,000 to attend how much would I bake? I have a pizza oven with 3 decks that I got real cheap so that is what I will be working with.


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Foccacia, one or more yeastie Italian breads, a Spanish Pan De Horno, some Pita and, if you're serving white wine, perhaps a Greek Celebration Bread.

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Thick bread sticks (miniature baguettes?) about 12" or so long that people could carry around with their wine glass are nice at wine tastings. You can wrap a paper napkin around the center so they can hold it and bite off pieces to clear the palate between sips of wine. 

You want something that can be held in the same hand as the wineglass.  That will be a good advertisement.  People will see others carrying the breads along with their wineglasses and want their own. 

A lean, plain dough will not interfere with the wine flavors, but great texture will interest them in trying other breads you make. 

Have fun.  Keep us posted. 

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All your suggestions are wonerful!!! I love the bread stick idea. I was thinking bread sticks but not like you suggested. I can see that happening. I have not made a greek celebraion bread yet, I will have try that this weekend. I was even thinking of something sweet like a chocolate chip cake, but I don't know if that will travel well. And a Foccacia  or Lavash with Asiago or Parmesan Cheese is bouncing around in my mind.

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I would skip..unless you really know the pairings of wine with chocolate. You will have easier pairing of wines and mini batards/sticks and cheese/fruit/nuts. Cheddar & apple, Blue cheese/walnut, Asiago and pepperoni. Maybe small bag of slices, like small fries at your local fast food burger, on a small skewer (not pointed) or offered as bread sticks.