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scoring knife

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scoring knife

Hey everyone.

I'm trying to get the small knife with the blade.

The one that u need actually attach the blade to the plastic holder.

I want to buy it but it seems she have no name or some' like that.

P.R call her Lame or Metal pastry bench blade. And still no result at any site.

Please help me with this one:

I need a global site that sells the knife and her common name.




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Here is a link to King Arthur Flour's website

that offers a couple of different tools which may work for you.  In my own baking, I simply use a nice sharp serrated bread knife on larger items or a small knife or scissors for rolls.  Another option is to use a single edged razor blade.  Hope this helps,  Paulav

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Yes, that too :-)   Also, I just came across a posting here on TFL that discusses and shows pictures of different tools to use

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Look at this page:

and scroll down to:

Lame Baker's Blade

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I use a wooden coffee stir stick (free at your local coffee emporium and you only need a couple every now and then). Just "thread" a double edge razor blade onto it. In my experience it is sharper and works better than the commercial ones. It's also cheap enough that you don't mind throwing it away and crafting a new one if it seems it's not doing the job any more.


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You did help all of you.


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cake diva

Because my husband doesn't have those double-edged shaving blades.  With disposable and electric razors, do they still make them?  He claims not.-- cake diva

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Yes, I think you can buy the single edged ones at a beauty supply store (they are used in straight edge razors for hair cutting) and maybe in the hardware stores.

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Larry Clark

Yes, double edge blades are still available at most drug stores and pharmacies. These days they are usally under lock and key and you have to ask for them.

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THe tool that you are refering to is called a lame'. If you call King Arthur, they sell an all metal one (they keep the all metal , professional ones in the cash register drawers in the KA store. I am not sure if they will sell one via mail order vs in-person. As of May 09, just the blade holder was 11.95 + tax. You will have to purchase double edged blades, usually in a drug store or hardware store.


The lame' they sell in the KA catalogue is a disposable one, good for only about 30-50 slashes. Honestly, I purchased thr green one that is in most catalogues, but it really is good for only so long. The profesional one you can bend to your liking as well as reverse the blade so you can get the full use of all 4 corner edges, which is the most used part on the blade. This information was obtained while I attended a professional level class at KA.


You may want to try calling the baker's hotline and ask if they can help you obtain the all metal one that is kept in the register drawer in the store. If you live anywhere close to the store in Vermont or know anyone that does, maybe you could get them to go up and get one directly from the store.


Good luck. Nancy58

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Yes, as others said earlier, the name for the tool is lame.  Expensive and it worked for me on my first few breads and after that it dragged the dough all over the place.  Then my dentist-friend came to the rescue with a lancet, again, barely slashed through six baguettes.  Finally, taking the advice of Mr. Snyder, I started looking for a tomato knife.  I found it in the Gourmet Warehouse (in this part of the world), CA$8.00 and it works like a charm.  Absolutely, could not ask for anything more.  I highly recommend it!


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I found my tomato knife at a Loblaws / Fortino / President's Choice grocery store, for a measly Loonie. It's awesome. So I splurged and bought a spare.

Cheap-o tomato knife

Makes a world of difference. My slicing still sucks but now I can't blame the blade.


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I bought five of these, two for slashing, and three for backup when the other two need replacing.

I tried a safety razor on a coffee stick but I found that it stuck in the dough too much.

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Katie Roseanne

Hi there I am new to this website and studying bakery at a college in the UK. I read your comment about using a tomato knife as a lame is it better than using a traditional lame with razor attachment? Also I have relations in Canada in Calgary who could purchase this however I tried finding the knife on the website link you gave me but can't find it on the actual website? 

Hope you can help, 

kind regards

Katie Roseanne.

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Sorry. I don't read french language .

I'm looking more then only lame bread.


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I have used scalpel blade with good results--new of course.

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Me too; very sharp, safe and cheap blades which are easy to change. I have some 10A blades ( with a No. 3 handle bought from a modeling shop.

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I do the same thing as Latida.  I worked as head baker at a Vie de France Bakery (The Wholesale a small factory) for 7 years back in the 90's and this is all we ever used was a double edged razor blade.  We had small metal sticks instead of coffee stirrers but now I use anything that does the trick as a handle. 





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I can't slash worth a damn, but if I could, I think the breakaway knives I bought at Home Depot for $1.29 each would work fine.

They are razors with a long vertical edge that retract into a plastic sheath. Blades are sharp on one side only. I think they are made to be discarded when the blade dulls or breaks.

They are not sold online by Home Depot, but here's the link if you're curious: