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Choosing a grain mill

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Choosing a grain mill



I'm new! This seems like a great forum so I'm looking forward to being here.


I'm about to buy a grain mill.

I've looked at an attachment for my Kenwood Chef (I'm in the UK) or a Hawos Billy 100 or a Whispermill.

Obviously the prices vary and for financial reasons I'm thinking about getting the Kenwood Chef attachment. 


Does anyone have any thoughts please?


Thank you 

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HI there,


I am also new to this site and intersted in buying a mill...hope someone answers your question!!!


Good luck 

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Just to update, I decided in the end to buy a dedicated grain mill and I love it!

I'm so glad I bought it and would really recommend one. I chose a Waldner one which crushes the grain instead of 'exploding' it like the Whispermill does.



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I just purchased the Nutrimill and love it. I also considered the WhisperMill, but had heard some disturbing things about their customer service and warranty. Both are high quality, "quiet" mills. Quiet being the opperative word. They are both louder than a typical vacuum cleaner.

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The WhisperMill is now manufactured under the brand name of WonderMill. I've read quite a bit as well about the quality problems of the WhisperMill in the last couple of years of its manufacture. Apparently, the company was bought and rebranded -- I've got a WonderMill of my own and, so far, have been very pleased with the results. No problems at all. It grinds quickly and, as you say, is about as quiet as a loud vacuum cleaner. Apparently, that's better than earlier impact mills, which have been compared to an airplane take-off.

They also don't get too hot. My flour has never been hotter than 110 degrees, and I believe damage doesn't start until about 120. The only downside is that the impact mills don't grind very coarsely, so if you're looking for coarse flour, it's not a good choice.

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Me too. I love my Nutrimill. I can't imagine why it is touted as quiet because it is noisier than a blender at high speed! But I didn't expect any different so I'm happy.


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Faith L.

I guess I am partial to the hand crank grain mills.  I like the thought of being a bit more self reliant when the power goes out.  Toned arms are a plus also and I guess if the kids have engery to fight they can grind for me aswell!  

Give the Country Living Grain Mill a look.  I know Grindwheat has them.  Probably a dozen other sites do also.

Faith L.

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It's been a while, but if you are in the USA, where did you purchase the Waldner mill from? Happy with it still? Thanks!