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Oven Glass

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Oven Glass

Does anyone have any idea where I could find tempered glass to fit in my small oven door? I have called all over and no glass place carries any and can't reccomend where I could look. Just tried EBAY and no luck there either. The piece I need is only about 9 x 3 inces or so. I also did a google seach and no luck there either, or maybe I don't know the proper way to seach for what I need. Any help is apprecialted, it's for the door in our small pizza oven. Thanks, Mattie

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Try a Good size hardware or a glass shop should be able to cut to order and size. Maybe even Lowes or Home Depot. But I'm not sure if I remember glass there. 

Other then that not sure where to look.


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Looks expensive, but they deliver..suppose it depends on how much you want to pay.

I'd also try an autoglass repair shop.

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This place is right in the town we used to live in and our oldest son is about 2 miles away from it, guess I will have him just go over with the measurements and have it cut for us and ship it to me in the next package he sends with the stuff from up there we miss. Thanks so much.  Mattie

Google brought up this link

Looks expensive, but they deliver..suppose it depends on how much you want to pay.

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mom & pop-type store or a specialty glass store certainly...NOT home depot.  i've tried in NH, Mass, VT & Conn.

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The glass in an oven door should be tempered. You should be able to find the part online. I recently broke our oven door (when water splashed when loading for steam) and I was able to get it from a local parts distributor. It will no doubt be more expensive but...


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This happened to me about a month ago, and I went to a local parts store.  If you have the manual from your oven, you can get the necessary part number.  If you don't have that manual any longer, you should be able to download it from the manufacturer's web site.

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We bought the "glass pack" part for our oven door to replace the glass when someone (hmmm ...who would that be?) spilled water on it and broke it.  The price we paid from the outfit below was $30 less than the local place wanted (and who had to order it anyway) and the shipping was only $6.95 (yup, 7 bucks) flat rate to Alaska.

The model number for our GE oven is on the side of the bottom drawer and it just took a second to type it in at Appliance Parts Pro and to do a search.  We got the repair manual for free from the GE web site and it showed how to remove the door and replace the 'glass pack'



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When I went looking for a replacement glass for my oven I found the part is no longer available. Every where I looked told me the same thing. Finally I found a local glass company that sells tempered glass. The ordered the piece in the dimensions I gave them and they wouldn't guarantee it and didn't think it would last. But, it did, just fine:>)


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The oven I need this glass for is a small counter top pizza oven that goes to high temps. All the local glass places said they would cut glass for our regular stove oven but not for this little one and the manufacturer of the oven is in China and has not answered any of my emails.....hubby thinks they might be out of business or something. I guess I will try calling the local guys again and just not tell them how high the temp goes on the top chamber and then make sure I never turn the temp over the 500 they said their glass was rated for (the oven goes to 800 as a max temp). Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm also going to check out the links sent.  Mattie

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Find out where dead ovens go in your part of the world.  Buy a door with glass intact.  Take the door apart and have a local glass cutter take that piece down to the size you need.

It's not an elegant solution, but sometimes inelegance works.


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Tempered and annealed glass must be ordered to size, including any holes and edge treatment.  Any of cutting, drilling, or grinding of tempered glass will cause the glass to shatter.



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I realized my remarks were not completely clear.  Tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled, bent, or ground.  These processes must be done prior to the heat treatment that toughens the glass. 

If you cannot get help from the manufacturer, try  a commercial glass installer.  They will be able to write up the proper specifications (if you can provide the info they need), and order the glass for you.  As automated as the processes are, the price should be reasonable; not cheap, mind you, reasonable. Get multiple bids. :)



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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?

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try a car glass repair station