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Bass Ackwards PR 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich loaf

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Bass Ackwards PR 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich loaf

I've been baking a lot of stuff out of PR's _Whole Grain Breads_. His 100% whole wheat sandwich bread is awesome. It calls for a soaker (made with ww and buttermilk and salt) and a biga (ww and water and yeast).

Through inattention (I blame Sportscenter), I tried a variant yesterday -- the soaker used water and the biga used buttermilk. I'm happy to report it came out just as good. :)

I would say it came out better -- I liked it better -- than the correct method, but I think that the fact that it used Agave nectar instead of honey had more to do with it. I may do some side-by-side tests.




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Hi Lloyd!


I  think agave is sweeter than honey (that reminds me of a song...).  Anyway, we've noticed the difference in our coffee--we like agave better there.

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever subsituted water in PR's recipes, as I have a dairy allergy (not lactose intolerance, but a true allergy),so I really try to stay away from all dairy.  Do you think it would make a big difference?

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I often make this bread with water, using a sourdough starter in place of the yeast for the preferment.  This turns out very well.  I guess if you used yeast in place of the sourdough you would not have the acidity from either the starter or the milk, but my guess is that it would still turn out very nicely.

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MJO that's the advantage of milk and/or yogurt!  I'm just about to make a starter.  I did not realize that starters were acidic (haven't read the book yet).  Thank you!