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50# Flour Bags... where to find them?

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50# Flour Bags... where to find them?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a place to get those kraft paper bags that you get 50# of grain or flour in.  I have no idea how to search for them. I've looked for multiwall kraft bags, but can't find any to buy.  Finally got my mill going and need to pack up the flour, but need some good bags as some of my grain bags aren't in the best shape.


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It may be overkill, but a place to look is at, where I found a bunch of potential suppliers.

It seems that the operative word to search for is "sack", not "bag".

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Check your local Feed-n-Seed type farm stores.  Many sell a wide variety of sacks that you wouldn't think of ...but farmers use them.  At ours, you can buy both empty bags and bags of flour (or grain or soup mix or lots of other things)



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Ebay has some four bags however I am not sure what sizes I am sure at least 25

Here is a link.  :o)

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If you have a local bakery that mills it's own flour (like a Great Harvest) they may give you their grain sacks.  We mill several 50# bags of wheat a day and just reuse the empty sacks for all kinds of things....I imagine other bakeries are doing the same thing and wouldn't mind selling them to you for cheap or even giving them to you!

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Thanks for all the replies.  I ended up just getting some from KAF.  The guy who's in charge of selling direct into bakeries actually lives just 2 hours away from me, and he graciously hooked me up.