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Island County Fair

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Island County Fair

Shortly after I joined TFL just over two years ago, Susan from San Diego kindly gave me her basic sourdough recipe and it has become my "go to" loaf. When my son was rude enough to ask why I kept making the same loaf I claimed that I needed to get it right so that I could enter a loaf in the County Fair. Well, in a classic senior moment I completely missed the deadline! So in effect I have been practising for two years, and tomorrow is the day to deliver the loaf. The dough is in between stretch and folds and I am cautiously optimistic. Please wish me luck and I will report back with good or bad news, A.


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Good luck and we know you will do us proud.

Pablo's picture

Good luck!  That's exciting.  Do post the results.  Fair photos if you got 'em-


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I'm sure you'll do fine and have a lot of fun. The grandkids will be proud.



Get someone to help you upload some photos.

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I just hope the judges have good taste in bread.


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Looking forward to hearing the results: what ever they are. Entering is a great success in itself.

Good luck!

David G

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Good luck - How fun!


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Well, the breads were delivered this afternoon so there's not much I can do now but wait. Of course I know they could have been better - my sourdough was pretty slack and it didn't get nice "haunches" but it did sing when it came out of the oven and got good oven spring. I think the Scali might have looked nicer with shorter strands making a taller loaf. Many thanks to poppyfields, Pablo, weavershouse, David, David G and Summer for the kind encouragement. Maybe next year? A.

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do you have pictures of the fair? we visited one last year, missed the bread section then..