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Outside Oven

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Outside Oven

I recently heard from the owner of Kamado Corporation regarding my inquiry as to whether his company makes a product similar to a wood burning oven for making bread and pizza.  Richard Johnson, the owner sent my a reply including pictures that I have in this link: Meridian




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You might like to read this before dealing with Richard Johnson.

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Thanks for that link.  Wow!  That's pretty incredible information.  I've been reading that forum over the last week and it seems that the owner of Kamado, Richard Johnson:

1) Stole and then sunk a racing yacht

2) Stole $10,000 from a company called the BBQ Guru

3) Stole 4 containers of charcoal from a distributor in the Philippines

4) Stole $40,000 from one of his OWN distributors

5) Claims to have held the original US patent on the kamado cooker, but never did

6) Claims to have invented the word "kamado", a 2000 year old Japanese word

7) Takes orders and deposits for $1000 cookers and often doesn't deliver them

8) Never answers the phones or email, never addresses customer satisfaction issues

I stopped reading at that point, but it was VERY interesting reading.  Most of these allegations are actually backed up with research and newspaper reports, etc.  I don't think I'd want to do business with this individual or his company.

William W