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What to do with old pastry dough?

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What to do with old pastry dough?

Trying to figure out what to do with starter discards is a common topic. But, what about pastry dough? I always end up with odd bits of tart dough or puff pastry that are left over from something I made. About a week ago my twelve-year-old niece, Carli, was visiting from Texas and, in addition to numerous loaves of bread, we made several tarts with pate sucree and puff pastry. After she left, the leftover dough pieces sat around in the fridge all week and needed to be used, frozen, or thrown away. This morning I cut out some puff pastry rounds with a cookie cutter and made some little turnovers filled with goat cheese and chives.  As you can see in the pictures they look more like blow-outs than turnovers.  They appear to be laughing at me...Oh well, I'll get even when I eat them.


I had a big set of tiny tart molds in various shapes but I gave those to Carli before she went back home to Texas because she had really gotten into making tarts, especially tiny ones. So, what do you do with small pieces of tart dough when your little molds are gone. Well a brioche mold looks a lot like a tart mold.  Also, a tiny tart needs pretty small fruit so I threw some frozen blueberries onto the almond and pastry cream filling and there you have it.


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at either offering. Both look delicious, especially your goat cheese smiles!


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This is terrific. Sounds like you and I have the methodology. Over the last year I've made a vow to myself to use up every bit of food before it goes south, and not throw it out. Makes for some interesting, fun combos. I love how you've made something lovely (and delicious, I'd guess) out of tiny scraps. Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration.

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cake diva

Hi Greg!

It's Teresa, from the Art 1 class!  Good to see you here!  Are you still in the Bay Area?  I'd love to live there, but am still stuck here.  Gotta start hitting the pavement, enough with my long vacation- the kids will need college tuition money very very soon. =)

See you here in tfl!

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Hi Teresa

It's good to hear from you.  Are you still baking a lot?  If I remember right you live in Ohio, don't you.  Well California isn't necessarily such a great place to be these days.  All kinds of government and financial problems and still just as crowded as ever.  I'm still doing a lot of baking.  I took the Artisan II class in Feb or Mar.  The only other person from our Artisan I class that was in it was Rocky.  I don't know if you remember him.  He was the guy who was a doctor.  Frank taught that class, too.  I'm taking the German bread class in Sep.  It is pretty handy living so close to the school.  I couldn't keep going back if I had to pay for travel and lodging every time.

Good luck with your job serach.  I hope you find a really good one soon.