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no gluten no dairy no yeast

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no gluten no dairy no yeast

A friend of mine has been put on a very restricted diet, no gluten, no dairy, no yeast.  I would be in tears but she is bravely seeking solutions.  Can any one recommend websites, recipe books, suppliers, anywhere we can get her going with bread in one form or another?  I appreciate your help. 

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Bob's Red Mill has a gluten-free production line for flour and other products and quite a collection of cook books and other information. Here is their Website:


I have a friend who has the same problems, and while she gets bored with the diet, she does appear to be doing ok, so give your friend encouragement; it is do-able!

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Send this link to your friend  I know a few people on this diet, and although there are restrictions, they are very much manageable. The recipes are very yummy and creative, and the breads are made with almond meal and coconut four, which is increadible low in carbs and high in protein. It takes a little bit to adjust, but once the health benefits start to show, everything becomes easier. I have a lot of recipes that I can share if you are interested. Email me privately at if you would like.

Hope this helps.

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There are tons of companies that sell gluten free, dairy free, etc. - too many to even begin to list.  But have her check out  It's a magazine as well as a website that specializes in recipes and help with the gluten free and other "allergies" diets.  They have recipes, very helpful articles, and tons of companies that list some very tasty products.  They also give help in getting medical adivce, cards you can give out to restaurants to help identify allergens in foods, lists of support organizations.  It's unending, and I personally have found it very helpful since I am wheat intolerant.