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New Bosch Owner--any tips?

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New Bosch Owner--any tips?

I just unpacked my bosch yesterday and made a couple loafs of bread, it worked really nicely.  My bread is good, but the crumb is kind of fine and the loaf almost looks like something from a store, whichis nice but I'd like to get something with a little more irregular sort of bubbles and such.  I did not use a rest at all, just kneaded for maybe 6-8 mins, let rise once, shape, let rise again, bake.


I'm going to do a rest of maybe 20 mins next time after a short mix-up


Any tips for making great bread w/ the Bosch?


Also, I'm curious if people have any experience with the attachments, including the meat grinder, grain mill and food processor.  I have all the KA stuff, but would be more than happy to just have one mixer at some point.

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Try yahoo users group, mixer-owners. I tried putting in the link but got the CAPTCHA and am now trying without the link.


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thanks, I joined that group it looks great

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I own a Bosch and am very happy with it. Great for large batches of dough. I don't use it for small batches and do them on my wife's KA. I keep this to a minimum because the KA complains with weird noises.

No expereince with attachments.

The small holes in your bread may be due to low hydration. Plenty of talk about holes in the forum. I don't think it has anything to due with the Bosch. Enjoy your new mixer.

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As for attachments....the grain grinder is not really made to grind enough grain to make bread.  It's perfect for small amounts.  Just and FYI.

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Three things, (I have had my Bosch for only about 6 months).  One it heats the dough more than I would like.  In a warm time of year I have found I need to use ice water when the flour, pre-ferment etc is at room temperature.  This get me to my desired 77 to 81 F OK.

I always do a 20 minute rest after a basic short mix on speed 1.  This makes a big difference with the wet doughs I like for many breads.  Don't watch the video and keep adding flour, go by weight.  For high hydration doughs for big holes the dough will not fully leave the sides of the mixer.  After the rest then I do the main mix on speed 2.  For very wet doughs I still do a series of stretch and folds.

Last but not least -- a toothbrush works great for cleaning.