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baking bread and diabetic

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ed minturn

baking bread and diabetic

Does anyone have any thoughts on a diabetic wanting to bake bread, pizzas, etc. Are there special recipes or perhaps limits to what one eats or just now do at all. Thanks for any thougths.    ed


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Hi Ed, sorry you have to deal with this issue! There's lots of good advice for you in previous posts. Do a search of the website with any and all relevant terms you can think of. I got a lot of hits just now using the words low glycemic. Here's one:

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I am a diabetic who was in denial for a long time.  My answer to your question finally came when I started really rigorously monitoring my blood glucose levels and keeping accurate logs of everything I consumed.  Since diabetes represents a problem metabolizing carbohydrates, it is essential to keep track of the amount of carbs you are taking in.  By comparing BG levels to your food intake you will quickly realize what triggers elevated BG readings.  I found, for instance, that batter fried fish is an absolute no no.  Even small servings is a problem.  Same fish deep fried without batter is no problem.  The only pizza I can eat is one with no crust.  In my case, I have found no flour (that tastes good) that works better than any other.  I limit my bread intake to one or two slices in a week.  

I love to bake and do so frequently.  But, my bread is consumed by my non-diabetic friends.  I sample maybe 1/8 slice for quality control when baking but that's it.  In my case, it is simply a matter of weighing the delight of the bread vs the consequences of the disease.

Good luck