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Dan Lepard's Golspie Loaf

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Dan Lepard's Golspie Loaf

I made Dan Lepard’s Golspie Loaf from his Handmade Loaf book this weekend. It is 100% whole wheat except for the starter which the recipe says to do with either barley or rye flour. I actually did a whole wheat starter. A layer of coarse oatmeal (pinhead or steel cut) is on the crust and then it is baked in a round cake pan. The recipe instructs to score the loaf all the way through the dough to the bottom of the pan so that it can be pulled apart into sections after baking, but I did not score at all for fear of completely deflating what appeared to be a very wet and volatile dough. The recipe includes 3/4 teaspoon of fresh yeast, which I included because my starter didn’t seem very active at the time. However, Next time I will omit this and just use starter to see if it is really necessary or not.

I think I may have over-proofed after shaping because when I uncovered it and put it in the oven, the dough sank slightly. Despite this, my loaf turned out nicely and had a much more open crumb that I thought it would have and than what the picture in the book suggests. It also seemed to have a more open crumb than any other 100% whole wheat loaf I have ever made which was unexpected and reassuring.

Will post pictures.




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on this post....


even if it's a few months old...


I made the Golspie loaf this weekend, changed the recipe slightly, by using 1/4 white flour instead of 100% whole wheat. 


The bread doesn't look gorgeous, but it is very tasty, with a complex flavor that changes as you chew the bread, pretty interesting.   I wish Calliekoch had posted photos of her crumb, mine was not very open, but I didn't expect it to be, from the composition of the bread


I will post a couple of photos...  (this was a fun bread to make, I used a rye starter)

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Looks very nice, I'm currently also busy with a Golspie, bulk fermentation is ongoing.  Your loaf looks nice, hope I'll be able to get there too.