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Pain de Tradition with abuse

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Pain de Tradition with abuse

I wondered how much abuse this method could take.  I had ~200g 50% hydration starter in the 'fridge from a few days ago.  I used no yeast.  76g of the flour was rye.  The dough temp was 96F.  I did 3 fold sessions per schedule then put it in the 'fridge overnight.  Today I did the remaining 2 fold sessions, proofed for an hour at 85F room temp and baked 65 minutes per instructions (450/350).

Looks reasonable above, but camera angles can hide things.

Kind of a split personality.

Open, moist crumb.  Taste-wise what struck me was that it was sweeter than I generally get.  No idea why.  I think the folding technique coupled with the long, relatively low bake temps are worth exploring.  This bake used the last of my non-rye starter.  I dried them and put them in the freezer and I'm devoting myself to rye for the foreseeable future.



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I like it's wild look! In my opinion, "wild breads" are often more beautiful than the ones normally regarded as beautiful, because they're just unique and not "boring". Anyway, I understand that bakers, me included, aim at perfection. 

The crumb looks delicious.

I assume that this kind of bread is baked without a baking stone? wouldn't make much sens at this low temperatures? or am I wrong?


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I think it looks very rustic and appealing, Paul. Interesting your remarks about the sweetness.

I'd say you got a winner there.


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Rustic is very appealing. It looks tasty too. Dave

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Looks like a good soup bread. I'd say considering all you went through with this dough, it came out great! Be happy. And, your scoring is great, nice touch.


PS: Glad to see you changed back to your old photo. I like the bread stash.

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Thanks Eric, the 'stash is more me.


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Nice crumb and slashing. Interesting about the sweet flavor.


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I bet I'd love it. If it has rye in it I love it.


I like the Return of the Stash too.