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17th birthday cake

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17th birthday cake

My daughter will be away for her 17th birthday at the end of this month.  She and four other Year-12 students are representing Australia in an International Young Physicists Tournament in China and are leaving this Saturday.  My husband had asked if I wanted to go along and help with the language translation.  I said No because I think the kids can do with a bit of freedom (and excitement) in a foreign country.  And, sure enough, because the mummy doesn't want to go, the daddy had conveniently engineered a business trip to be up there at the same time - the daddy and the daughter are leaving together on the same flight.

The mummy is not unhappy with all that.  She made an Orange Infused Sponge Cake with Coconut & Orange Cream Icing for the daughter's 17th birthday in advance.  The cake was decorated with orange roses, the petals of which were lightly coated with egg white before icing sugar was dusted.  The birthday was celebrated two weeks ahead of time. 

Here is the birthday cake:



                Orange Infused Sponge Cake with Coconut & Orange Cream Icing






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Your cake is really lovely.   I have not jumped into other baking other than bread.  But I've had this desire to learn to do cakes and cupcakes. 

Would you care to share the recipe for your cake?


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Hi Nora

As I made sponge cakes and chiffon cakes regularly and I change my recipes all the time depending on what I have got at that moment, I don't keep a detailed measurement or quantity list, I do as I go.  But the basic ingredients that I've developed for this recipe are as follows:  

For the orange sponge cake  

(1) 70 - 80 g egg yolk + 100g caster sugar + 90 g vegetable oil** + 10 g Grand Marnier + about 40 g orange juice reduction* and zest from two oranges  

Mix egg yolk with sugar until sugar dissolved, then combine with oil,  then thoroughly mix in Grand Marnier, reduced orange juice and zest.   

* For the orange juice reduction, bring 600 g orange juice to boil and simmer until only about 150 - 200 g  left (ie, about 25 - 30% left).  I added some sugar because my orange juice was a bit sour.   You will have some left over and it is great as a salad dressing (just add olive oil and a bit of salt.)  You could also substitute with raspberry or strawberry puree, the result is equally good. 

** You can do 1/2 oil and 1/2 milk if you like.   Try not to use olive oil as the sponge cake will taste heavier than when vegetable oil is used. 

(2) 80 g self raising flour + 20 g corn flour  

Sift the flours at least twice; add the dry ingredients to the egg yolk/orange mixture from (1) above.  Make sure they are thoroughly mixed in, no lumps.  

(3) 180 g egg white + 50 g sugar  

Whisk until the egg white & sugar is stiff; then fold the egg white into the flours/egg yolk mixture from (2) above.  Try using the least number of strokes to fold the egg white in (excessive mixing will toughen the cake) while at the same time making sure it is thoroughly mixed in.   

Bake in 170C/350F for 25 - 30 minutes.  When the sponge completely cools down, slice it into three layers with very sharp knife.  

For the coconut & orange cream icing  

Whip 600 g cream until stiff.  Add some of the remaining orange juice reduction.  I probably used 20 - 30 g of it.  Then, put it into the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours .  Meanwhile, toast a big handful of shredded coconut in medium low heat until they show some color.  

To assemble  

Spread orange cream between layers and sides. If you are using roses to decorate, brush petals with egg white, then sprinkle caster sugar over them.  And, that's it.  


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Beautiful 17th Birthday Cake, Shiao-Ping!  My granddaughter also turned 17 this year ! 


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That is a beautiful cake!

AND it also looks absolutely delicious!


man, this site is terrible for my diet, haha!

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looks picture perfect, shao-ping.  I envy you for being so clever and artistic.

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Such a pretty cake! The combination of orange and coconut sounds wonderful, and the rose petals are a nice touch too. Like you, there's no doubt I would be able to eat a quarter of that cake [at least] by myself in one sitting! Mmmm

- Jackie

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to your daughter and good luck in her tournament! And now, I would love to sample a slice of that beautiful cake!! YUM!


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I will convey your birthday wishes to my daughter.  Thank you.  She is a lucky girl.


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A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter! Miss hearing your baking adventures.

Best wishes,


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Betty, I have passed on your birthday wishes to my daughter Jessica. Yes, another year has gone by and she is now 18, the legal drinking age! Life is marching on.

Thank you. Shiao-Ping