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Search For Rye Berries

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Steve H

Search For Rye Berries

Any DC residents have any luck procuring rye berries?  I've looked at Yes Organic Market, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter with no luck!

Its strange, I can get Teff flour, and all sorts of other things, but the pickings for whole grains seems to be rather slim  Whole foods comes the closest with some wheat berries.

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Hi there:


I like to buy my rye berries and other grains from Bluebird Farms:

Good luck,


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Steve H


Thanks!  They look interesting.  I like the idea of heirloom grains.  However, shipping on a 4$ bag of grains ends up being $11.00.  It looks like if I order more, the price doesn't go up so maybe it is an option if I buy the right amount.  Still, I was really hoping to find a local source!

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Try They charge $1.59/lb. but I guess shipping will depend.

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Bob's Red Mill has them as well as the bulk section of a number of local markets. Not sure about DC though.


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I can't remember right now if MOMs (My Organic Market) sells rye berries or not.  Rye flour definitely, but I'm drawing a blank on the whole rye berries.  They're a small local chain, centered in Maryland, but with one in Alexandria (check their store locator here: ).

If you can't find it there, though, they're more than willing to special order.

Now that I'm not near an organic food store, I also order from Bluebird Grain Farms, and have always been happy. 

Good luck!

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Steve H

Tried them and they didn't have any.  Its funny, many of these folks don't even know what a rye berry is.  Thank you for the info.  Its always nice to know of another health food store in the area...  I am checking with my CSA, who provides fresh rye flour, to see if they can procure the berries.  Its the last hope before I look into special ordering from somewhere.

Thanks for all the help!

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Farmer Brown

If anyone on the west coast - specifically the Bay Area - is looking for berries (rye, spelt, DNS, hard white, etc.), call me: (707) 849-6788 - I can help. 

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Hi Steve H,

I have been very satisfied with the service and products from Rhonda. She has Rye berries and wheat berries. They are the producer. Have her check shipping for you and you may find it is less expensive to have it delivered to your door. At my local healthfood store ww bread flour goes for $1.69. My cost after shipping is 93 cents. Organic stoneground and under a buck, what more could you want. You live a bit farther away so have her estimate shipping and see if she competes. These were copied from her site. I have no affiliation besides being glad I found her site.

To place an order please call 218-686-0834 or 866-546-9297.

We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Thank you.
Rhonda Schnacky/ Country Creations

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Oh and that was for a 21 pound order of 15 lb ww bread and 6 lb rye. Just so you know it wasn't for a huge order. I first tried a smaller order and found I liked the freshness and the aroma. Her sprouted flours are remarkable but are a bit pricey. When money is not an issue I will use her sprouted flour a lot more.