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A Typical Day at work and Wood Fired Baking

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A Typical Day at work and Wood Fired Baking

I work at a small Organic Bakery in Winnipeg,MB. We get our grain directly from the farmers and mill our own flour/grain and press our own organic sunflower oil at the bakery . The bread is pretty basic but is made with the best ingredients possible. I work the night shift from 8pm to 430am by myself and on average I make between 275 and 400 loaves each night along with roughly 700 buns and 250 WW cinnamon buns. I make 9 kinds of bread during the night: Wholewheat, Wholewheat Multi, White, Cracked Wheat, White Multi, Wild Rice, Light Sourdough Rye, Spelt, and Ciabatta.

After I finish work at 430 I drive 45 min to bake in a woodfired oven for a farmers market on the weekend until 10am which is just for fun to help out a friend with production.

PICTURES! They're kind of crummy because I took them on my phone.











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Great looking breads. I love the WFO. Thanks for sharing. Dave

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Great photos!  Love the bakery and WFO!


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I know there's a huge difference between home baking and working at a bakery, but I'd be pretty pooped after making hundreds of loaves in one night, never mind for each shift!

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that is some serious output for one person.  I can't imagine how long it would take just to shape them!  Nice pics

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and I want to say congratulastions!! you do a great job and your pictures are fantastic. I want to think you enjoy this a lot, dont't you?