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Retsel Electric Grain Mill on Sale Now on eBay

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Retsel Electric Grain Mill on Sale Now on eBay

Retsel Electric Grain Mill on Sale Now on eBay

CAVEAT: I don't know if it is permissible to link to an eBay auction on this forum. However, for those in the market for a high-end grain mill for home use, this may be of interest. I have no connection with the seller and no intention of buying this mill. (webmaster - please feel free to delete this post if you wish).

The grain mill being offered on eBay is the USA made electric Retsel Mil-Rite. The basic design of this mill is a fixed grooved grinding plate and a rotating grooved grinding plate. This design allows the miller to adjust the fineness of the flour and produce anything from cracked grain to very fine flour. It also allows the truly dedicated home miller to create speciality flours by sifting out the bran and remilling the flour (something that the more popular micronizer mills cannot do).

The Retsel mill has a good reputation for quality workmanship and durability. This mill is great for the dedicated home miller (as long as you have the space) but it would be equally appropriate for a small, speciality bakery or a co-op that wishes to mill whole grain for it's members.

The eBay mill is advertised as  "buy it now" (not an auction), which means the purchaser pays the advertised price. It is being sold for $400 USD plus shipping costs.  It looks as though the seller can only ship within the USA.

This is a photo of a Retsel mill from the Retsel's site

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