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King Arthur - Free Shipping

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King Arthur - Free Shipping

King Arthur is offering free shipping until June 25 on orders of $60 or more. Time to stock up on flour!

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I don't see any mention of free shipping on orders of $60 or more. They have 45 items with free shipping, but that's all I see.



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When I go to KAF's website directly, I don't get the free shipping, but when I go there through the link from my email (sent through their mailing list w/the info on free shipping), I get the free shipping when I look at the shopping cart.  If you're not on their mailing list and don't see the free shipping, PM me your email and I can forward you the one I got and maybe it'll work?

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PLEASE send me the link!!


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I got in on that deal too. 25 lbs is cheaper online than in 5-lb increments at the store, and free shipping? Yes Please!