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Old habits are hard to end

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Old habits are hard to end

Woke up this morning wanting to bake something, but also wanted a rest from building starters, poolishes, or sponges; weighing flour and water and salt and dough; and seemingly endlessly setting the timer. So I did nothing.

Until, chatting with Yvonne about 11 o'clock, she mentioned sticky buns: it had been a long time since I'd made them, "distracted as you were by sourdough, and sourdough, and did I mention sourdough?"

Three hours later they were...

... oven ready.

and, about forty-five minutes later...

...they had cooled enough.

These are from a King Arthur recipe I've been making for about ten years--a straight dough. I never turned the scale on; volume measurements all the way. Ahh-h-h-h, it was fun.

Yeah, I'm learning some new habits, but they've got to be comfortable living side-by-side with old ones; they ain't gonna die.

David G.


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I understand completely. I've been so hooked on sourdough lately that I'd almost forgotten how easy and quick it is to make bread with instant dry yeast, e.g., that sun-dried tomato, olive and feta loaf I made a couple of weeks ago.

Although your cinnamon rolls look extrememly tempting, I'd better refrain owing to the amount of deep fried SD things we've consumed in the last few days.

Speaking of old habits, my husband's mom, Ruth, has a great method of making cinnamon rolls. She would make them out of ordinary enriched bread dough. I made a photo shot of her method for posterity here.


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Have you tried the new "no-knead" version on the KAF web site?


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I rely on KA products, but I've not used any new KA recipes for a long time--at least a couple of years. However, I'm going to their four day Artisan Bread baking class in August. A decade ago, I visited Quechee, VT frequently, and stopped at the KA store often. I'm looking forward to visiting it again.

David G.

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These look delicious...I'm going to have to give more time to walking...I wonder how these taste..To Go!


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Wow!  These look great! 


I wish I could whip something this tasty up in just 3 hours or so.


Well done!



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Sure look good. I'm thinking I may have to try a batch of these on my next days off. The dog and I may have to walk an extra couple miles. Dave